Crisscrossing Rann of Kutch and Rajasthan – Magical Dholavira – I


A Magical Sunrise in Dholavira
A Magical Sunrise in Dholavira

Crisscrossing Rann of Kutch and Rajasthan – Magical Dholavira – I

After resting for some time and evening tea, we were ready to venture into the Rann to witness another beautiful sunset. We had to just walk a few steps to be on the Rann area. Closer to the resort it was more of sand and dirt. However after walking about a Kilometer into the Rann, we were in the white desert. The desert here was different from that at Dhordo. In Dhordo it was as if we were walking on a huge slab of salt. Here, the salt crystal formations were on the ground and looked like as corals.

walking away from resort into the Rann
Rann Resorts from a distance while walking away from resort into the Rann

After a small walk we were in a white area and the salt formations around us looked as if they have been sprinkled all around. In Dhordo there was a huge rush of people enjoying the sunset, but here we three were the only souls in the entire area. The calmness of the Rann was very soothing and this made the vistas still more beautiful. The reason for almost nil visitors was firstly the ratio of visitors to Dholavira was very less as compared to Dhordo and secondly in this area of Rann generally the residents of this resort only come to witness the sunset here.

Trying Perspective Photography
Trying Perspective Photography

Another try at perspective Photography at Dholavira
Another try at perspective Photography at Dholavira
Watching Sun go down is a pleasure in itself
Watching Sun go down

We were in Rann for about two hours watching Sun go down majesctically. The whole Rann was ours, we tried our hands on prespective photography and time lapse, but failed miserably. Finally it was time to return to the resort. After coming back to the resort and washing the salt of Rann, we sat around the small bonfire arranged in front of every pair of Bungas. The nights are cold in desers and   so was here, therefore sitting around the fire felt good. Our neighbours also joined us. The lady was fom Pune and was teaching in a University there. She was here to complete the thesis for her Phd. We chatted quite long sharing the travel experiences. The resort had arranged for a Jeep Safari into the Rann under Moon. Earlier we said yes to the same, but later preferred to sleep as we had a long day and we were feeling sleepy.

Rann at Dholavira before Sunrise
Rann at Dholavira before Sunrise

              The Rann looked beautiful before the sunrise. Blue sky being overtaken by Reds and yellows  of rising Sun. The streak created by the passing aircraft also looked wonderful.

First glimpse of the Sun
First glimpse of the Sun

Sun and salt
The Sun and the salt. The Sun risring with salt crystal formations in foreground.

salt Crystals
Freshly formed layer of Salt around an about to dry patch of water at Dholavira

Salt crystals at Dholavira - A closer view
A closer View

Salt crystals at Dholavira - A closer view
Salt crystals looked amazingly beautiful when brought very close.

Salt formations and rising Sun
Salt formations and the rising Sun

Anupma watching the Sunrise at Dholavira
No matter how much you keep on staring at these beautiful scenes you never get enough of it.

Next day we got up early, freshened up and walked into the Rann for a sunrise. Again the entire Rann was ours. Sarthak had preferred to miss the Sunrise in lieu of some sweet early morning dreams. We were quite early for sunrise as being in the westernmost part of India, Sun came here much later. The horizon was brigtly lit up with pre dawn colours. We were enjoying the Rann, and the slowly the Sun came up. Very faint at the beginning, and they it started getting brighter. The area to which we had walked today in Rann had much larger salt crystals. We collected some of them for Sarthak and returned to the Resort. Our Neighbours had also come into Rann for Sunrise, but had returned much earlier. Now it was time to get ready and packup. Today we were to shift our base and to have another taste of Gujrati hospitality in a very raw form. We were to stay at a homestay named “Rajal Homestay” in Dholavira village run by Murar Bhai who proved to be a wonderful host. We will talk about it later in detail. After breakfast, we settled the bill and were off to the Harappan site. This site is one of the two sites in India and is among the five most prominent sites in the world belonging to Indus valley civilisation.

Very soon we were at the complex and hired the guide. The complex made our jaws drop in awe from the world go, because of the the planning involved in building the city in those days.

Will contiue with the tour of this Harappan site in next post.


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