Criss Crossing Rann of Kutch and rajasthan – Rann Resorts Dholavira

Our car at Rann of Kutch Lake
Our ride at Rann of Kutch Lake on the road to Dholavira with white desert and Blue skies in the background

Criss Crossing Rann of Kutch and Rajasthan – Rann Resorts Dholavira

After a satisfying tour of Akshardham Mandir, Bhuj, we headed for Dholavira. Dholavira is a small village on an island named Khadir Bet in the Greater Rann of Kutch Lake. Because of this small village by the name of Dholavira, the entire region is now known as Dholavira. This place attracts a lot of visitors due to two attractions. One is the white salt desert and the other is the excavated site of Indus valley civilization, which is among the two large sites in India and the fifth largest in the subcontinent. We will cover both of these in detail in our forthcoming posts.

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Initially, we were doing only mile munching and cruising on the national highway but soon we were on state highways and for the first time in Gujrat, we found the roads were not that good. Though the roads were tarred, but they were not smooth. However, because of the lesser traffic, we were able to maintain good speed.

When we crossed a small village, named versar, There is a straight road for a few kilometres, with ultra white Rann on both sides. This is actually an elevated road in the Rann of Kutch Lake. We parked the car on one side and got down in the Rann. There was very rare traffic and not even a single soul in the Rann. It was so calm that while walking on the salt surface, we could hear the salt crystals getting crushed under our feet.

The white Desert of the Greater Rann of Kutch Lake
The Greater Rann of Kutch Lake gets converted into a white desert,  in winters

Straight road through the white desert
The straight road through the white desert will lead us to our destination of the day - Dholavira
The silence at the Rann of Kutch - The only sound heard is Salt getting crushed under the feet

After enjoying the white Rann for some time, we sped towards our destination of the day Rann Resorts. It is a beautiful property and is a few kilometres before the Dholavira village. The location was excellent. The entire resort was made up of Bungas. The Bungas here were not the ones as those at Dhorodo but were more modern and comfortable. The check in was smooth and we were feeling hungry. After freshening up we went to the dining hall and the lunch was served. It was simple and very delicious.

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The Rann Resort
The Rann Resort

              Now it was time to enjoy the resort. It is the only resort in entire Kutch, which is on the edge of White Rann. You just walk a few steps and you are on the ramp taking you to the Rann. The rooms were very comfortable, very neat and well maintained. Every room had a small sit out. The owner of the resort Praveen Bhai was there and he himself was personally taking care of all the requirements of the guests.

The BUngas at Rann Resort Dholavira
The Bungas at Rann Resort Dholavira were more modern and comfortable yet traditional

The rows of Bungas on both side
The rows of Bungas on both side

Flowers at Ran Resorts - Dholavira
The Flowers had been grown painstakingly in Ran Resorts - Dholavira
Rann view rooms
Rann view rooms
The Rann view rooms of the resort offer the view of Rann through the room window and also have a sit out facing Rann. In these rooms, one can see the vast expanse of Rann of Kutch right from the luxury of the bed and see the lights of Sun and Moon making the white Rann magical.

More about our experiences at Rann Resorts and Dholavira in coming posts.............


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