Beautiful World - Amazing destinations - Let it be a blind one this time


Beautiful World - Amazing destinations - Let it be a blind one this time 

                      I am a Traveller. I Travel to explore and travelling gives me such a high, which nothing else does. I have been travelling solo, with family and Friends. Whenever there is a trip in the conception stage, I take the onus to do the planning when travelling with family and am entrusted this job even when I am travelling with my friends. I have to plan the things from scratch. Everyone comes in with his expectations from the trip. I sit down with laptop searching for the best itinerary, trains, flights, things to do, places to visit, hotel bookings, things to carry, places to eat and the list goes on. I visit a lot of websites, looking for information, reading blogs, asking questions in the forums.

Why do I do this? Because I feel responsible for this trip. I want everybody to enjoy the trip. Everybody should get the maximum value for time and money he has invested in this trip. This I do to get a smile on my kids' face or a nod from my wife, which is hard to get or a thumbs up from a friend. During the trip though I am enjoying the trip, but my inner self is tensed like the manager of a banquet hall in which a function is being organised and he does not want anything to go wrong.

A logical question to ask me will be then why don't you take a packaged tour. I simply do not like them. I do not like to travel in a large group. I like to customise as per my family needs. Moreover doing it ourselves saves a lot of money for my next travel. Moreover, I will not be able to restrain myself from searching about that destination and noting down, what all more could have been done and feeling guilty of choosing a wrong tour operator.

It is a coincidence that exactly one month ago, I came across a website, which takes a few inputs from you about days in hand budget etc and arranges a blind trip for you. You do not know about the destination till you reach there. This sounded like fun. Then this #TheBlindList happened.

Yes for once I would like to go on a blind date with a destination, without worrying about the planning. Without worrying about the bookings. Someone should pick me up and take me to a place where I can feel the clouds on my face, hear nothing except the sound of nature, of the flowing rivers, the chirping of birds, of the blooming flowers, away from the maddening crowds, where I do not have to plan for where we will be having our next meal. Away from the distracting thoughts and savour just nature.

Or take me to a place full of historical monuments, where every wall whispers a story in your ears. The stories of the kings and Queens. The tales of unsuccessful loves. The stories of the lust for power. I want to feel those stories, touch them with my heart. Taking myself back in those times. Feeling the joys and sorrows of the people who might have lived there.

                  For once going on a trip, I do not want to feel like a team leader, rather feel like a teenager going on a blind date. And as the Lufthansa ad says the world is so beautiful that one must explore it and I want a long #TheBlindList instead of a Bucket list for the wonderful destination(s) in this wonderful world and #SayYesToTheWorld

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