Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 5 - The Retreat

A mountain covered with clouds during Srikhand Mahadev Yatra

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 5 - The retreat

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              Friends, sorry for the delay in posting. I was allowed passage to the Winter abode of Supreme Lord The Kinnaur Kailash. Will also share that experience with you. Lets talk of Srikhand Mahadev Yatra here.

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 5 - let's walk back 

                  So after having the satisfying darshan, it was time to return back. I was dead tired when I had reached there., but the moments at this place had infused a new energy in me. I wanted to stay there for more time, but cold, the strong winds coupled with rarified air made me retreat. So after a last glance, I made a retreat. I crossed the snowfield and started negotiating with the boulders.

            Walking on the glaciers was more difficult now as due to rain, the powderiness of the snow was gone and it was harder now. You first jam yous stick in snow and then jam one heel at a time and keep moving. This is the formula I was applying. 

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 5 - The glacial threat

                At one point I had jammed my stick and when I was about to jam my left foot, the right one gave away and I slipped. I was on the incline on the glacier jutting towards the deep valley below. Two guys, who were behind me came to my help. They jammed one more stick in the snow and asked me to hold it and slowly pull myself up. By this time I had also gained some foothold on the snow with my toes and slowly I came up holding both the sticks. This was really scary. 

                   The stones used in the trail were wet from the rain. I slipped on them many times to get up and resume the journey. In this trek, there are no set paths or trails. You come to know about the path from the paint mark on the stones. I kept on walking crossing boulders, uneven trails, gravel, glaciers. The boost of energy that I had got after reaching the top was now getting depleted. One small bottle of water that I had carried with me was long over and I was feeling dehydrated. My speed slowed down and I started lagging from the people who were walking with me.

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 5 - The dance of death

                         Somewhere halfway down, I was left alone. At one point there were two signs one towards the up and another on the small trail going down. I was in a dilemma, which sign to follow. Finally, I went to the trail leading downwards. The trail ended after about 200 meters. In the end, there was a huge boulder and I got down. Somewhere inside just before getting down the boulder, I was feeling that I was doing wrong. Now I was trapped. The boulder was so huge that I could not climb back something like a wall. I realised I was trapped. I huge valley with a huge glacier was visible down below. For a moment I was imperilled. The place where I had landed, just below it was a rock very round in shape and slippery. and below that slippery rock was a small flat surface just wide enough for foothold was there. If I land there, after climbing a few other smaller boulders, I can be back on the trail I had followed. But if I lose and do not land properly, I will land deep there in the valley. I had to take a call as to what to do. I weighed my options and this was only one I had and slid myself on the rock. the rock was soo slippery that I could not hold it and it was a felt like a free fall. But with God's grace, I landed on the small flat strip. Now I could climb back. When I was climbing back on smalle boulders to be back on track, I saw a group of three persons walking on the upper trail, which I had not followed. I shouted for help. After 2-3 tries, they saw me and I signalled them to wait. These guys stopped. In a few minutes, I was back on track and rushing towards them. They were locals. I told them the entire story. They said that last year the path was through the way I followed walking over glacier I had seen in the valley. But due to some boulders falling, it got blocked and nobody bothered to remove the sign which I followed. They offered to stay with me and helped me in crossing other glaciers. Today for a moment I had felt death very close to me.

                            When we were in a flat area, they told me that there are no more glaciers and I can continue and resumed their pace. To cut the long story short, I reached my tent at Parvati Bagh completely shattered, dehydrated. I called Jyotsna. She came out of the tent and Gave me some glucose and water. It took me about an hour to get back to senses. 

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 5 - The happy landings

                   I came to know that I was lucky among the few, who could reach the top today as the administration had stopped the yatra owing to rains. In the evening at about 4.00 p.m., the skies cleared and Sun came out. Now we could see Srikhand Mahadev from Parvati Bagh itself. Jyotsna paid he obeisance from there itself we were busy clicking the beautiful vistas all around. I was also fully charged up now and we clicked a few pics.

View of Srikhand Mahadev from our tent. The thumb shaped peak in the middle is Srikhand Mahadev
View of Srikhand Mahadev from our tent
                      The view of Srikhand Mahadev from our tent. The small thumb-shaped peak is Srikhand Mahadev. It was still covered with clouds but was visible. Scattered snow is also visible in the pic.

Srikhand Mahadev Closer view drenched in Sun.
Srikhand Mahadev closer view
             After some time the whatever clouds were there also cleared and Srikhand Mahadev drenched in the rays of setting Sun looked marvellous.

Flower bed and view of Bhim dwari, Kunda, Thacru from Parvati Bagh
View from Parvati Bagh
          When we saw on the other side, we could see far away and all the elements the carpet of green grass and flowers, mountain ranges, floating clouds and blue sky trying hard to take over the blackness of the clouds and somewhere far away sunrays filtering through the clouds presented a mesmerising effect. The stoppages en route Kali Ghati, Kunsa Bhim Dwari were also visible.

The verdant views and the sheep grazing on the slopes.
The verdant views and the sheep grazing on the slopes.

                           We enjoyed the views for quite some time chatting with other travellers from other tents. Finally, we retired early after dinner as we will be starting return journey of our Srikhand Mahadev Yatra tomorrow.


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