Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 4 - The day wasted or well spent

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - Beautiful view from Parvati Bagh - Bhim Dwari is visible from here Kali Ghati and Kunsa are hidden behind the clouds
Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - Beautiful view from Parvati Bagh 

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 4 - The day wasted  well spent

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra Day 4 - Will we make it

           On Day 4 my alarm rang at 4.00 a.m. I woke up Jyotsna. One could hear the silence of nature all around. I was so calm that making even the smallest of noise seemed like a sin here. I brought water from the storage outside kitchen tent. Everybody was asleep. Both of us freshened up and did the packing. We were yet to pay the rent for the tent. The tents smaller tens are closed with the of zippers, but the kitchen tents and other larget tents are closed with tarpaulin and the close it so well that it keeps the cold air, reptiles and other smaller creatures.

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra Day 4 - let's move ahead    

                                    We came outside the kitchen tent and called the Dhaba owner a number of times, but got no response. After some time we decided to leave as it was getting late. From Bhim Dwari the next stop is Parwati bagh. It is a steep ascent of two kilometres. these two kilometres are so beautiful, that no words can describe the beauty of this place. Lush green full of all colours of flowers

Lush green meadows with carpet of flowers en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra
A carpet of flowers at Parvati Bagh
                    The clouds were still there and we were sometimes walking through the clouds. The beautiful valley of flowers, floating clouds and the mist were elements enough to turn a common man into a Poet. The mountains here were different. They had a very thick layer of soil and no rocks, which are generally found in the mountains. Due to the last night's rain, it was extremely slippery. Ahead of us was a group of Pahadi guys, for whom negotiating with these heights is an everyday affair. they instead of walking over the path were taking shortcuts through grass and spoiling it. It seemed like a  sin to me. 

Parvati Jharna 

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra Day 4 - Verdant views    

                    Soon we were witnessing a beautiful waterfall known as Parwati Jharna. It was a beautiful waterfall falling from a height of nearly 150 feet. As per the legend, Goddess Parvati used to bathe here. After a few clicks of the Jharna, we continued our journey. The ascent was steep and we were moving slowly while enjoying verdant views. Jyotsna was again having the problem in coping up with a steep incline and rarified air.

                    After Bhim Dwari the only place you find any dhaba is at Parvati Bagh. We did not have anything to eat since morning, except for some dried fruits, which we were carrying.
A borad stating the legend of Parvati bagh - Srikhand Mahadev yatra
The Legend of Parvati Bagh

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra Day 4 - The pit stop    

Finally, after a lot of struggle, we were at Parwati Bagh. We went to the Dhaba there and ordered for Breakfast.  I was worried about Jyotsna being able to make it up to the top and she also was not confident about it. After Parvati Bagh, there is nothing till top and one has to come back. The people at the dhaba advised us against proceeding ahead. As per them we were already late and will not be able to make it back in time. Their advice coupled with non-confident Jyotsna made us to decide to stay at Parwati Bagh. The proved to be a wise decision, how? will discuss about it later.

                                      The Dhaba owner here too smart and shrewd. The administration had banned stay at Parvati bagh since last year for an unknown reason, but this guy had put up some individual tents and a big kitchen tent.  We asked him for the tent. He said that he had it and will give it after some time. I do not know what he was waiting for but gave us the tent after 1-2 hours.  Again it was a tent for one person in which two of us had to fit in.

                The prices on this trek are exorbitant. The cost of the tent was 2400 per day. Tea 100 ml wasRs. 30. This is attributed to high hauling cost as everything is carried by porters on their backs from Jaon and they charge Rs. 80 per kg. which makes the landed cost of 1 kg of sugar as Rs. 120.00. The biscuit packets were at double or three times that of MRP.

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra Day 4 - The final decision

                                 Now we had to spend the entire day here. With nothing to do, we talked, slept a lot, gazed at the clouds. It also rained a lot on today. Finally, I took a call and discussed it with Jyotsna. As Jyotsna was not confident of the further climb, and I did not want to return from the point so close without giving it a try. So a unanimous decision was made. I will start the journey next day very early morning and Jyotsna will stay in the tent. 

                                      With this, we went to sleep very early as it was raining and nothing much to do. Quite late in the night, a few groups started coming from above. we could hear their voices they were in bad shape, some of them had hurt themselves due to dark. It was very cold outside and it was raining. As there was no space in our tent, so could not help them. All other tents were full. They kept deciding among themselves whether to proceed ahead or stay there. A few guys made a temporary shelter using a spare tarpaulin there. We thanked our luck for having stayed back at Parvati Bagh otherwise I do not know what would have been our fate. Soon we drifted into sleep wishing for a beautiful tomorrow.


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