Srikhand Mahadev - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 2 - The yatra continues.

Lush green forests and clouds around the peak mystic view during Srikhand mahadev Yatra
Lush green forests and clouds around the peak - mystic 

Srikhand Mahadev Yatra - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 2 - The yatra continues

After saying Goodbye to the gentleman at Singhaad Langar, we started with a resolve to cover the ground faster, by taking smaller and lesser breaks, including Photobreaks. That's why there will be lesse no of photos in this episode.
Distance of various places en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra from Jaon.
Distance of various places en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra.

                    A board showing the distance from Jaon. Till now we had covered only 03 kms. and the target for today Thaadchu was 12 kms away. The ascent to Thaachdu is called Danda Dhaar ki chadhai, as its steepness is akin to the standing pole. This is the steepest patch in the entire trek. 
Track and rivers still going side by side
Track and river still going side by side
                 The beautiful river was still continuing along the path. However, the condition of the path was deteriorating. The next stop was Barati Nala. Soon we were walking alongside a Himachali family consisting of a few girls and the head of the group was a slightly aged man. Soon we reached an Ashram set up by a few Sadhus, before Barati Nala. I asked the person there If we can leave one bag there. " Baba ji se poochta hoon" he said and disappeared. Soon the Babaji or the in charge of that dera appeared. I asked him the same thing. His answer was if you want to stay you can stay here as much as you can, but safekeeping of the luggage will be a problem.

                        The Himachali Man - sorry I am referring that gentleman as Himachali man, as I could not ask him his name in spite of he being so nice to us. He suggested that there are a few dhabas near Barati Nala and we can keep that bag there. The Dhabas on the Yatra route serve two purposes. They provide food meals, tea, cold drinks, biscuits and other small packaged snack to the customers and also provide stay facilities to the trekkers aka yatris. Sometimes they have multiple tents. The main tent has the kitchen and sleeping facility for a few people and there are a few other smaller tents, used solely for sleeping.

Dense Jungle, Green Foliage and Beautiful river
Dense Jungle, Green Foliage and Beautiful river
                   The Jungle was getting denser and the river wilder with every step. The path was very unpredictable suddenly it became a steep hike and next moment it will be steep descent. For some part, it was slightly plain also, which was a big relief. After some time we were at Barati Nala. Ther was a Dhaba just after the Nala. It was being run by a teenaged girl. We asked her if we can leave one bag there, her reply was affirmative. That Himachali Gentleman was still with us, as I had asked him that we will trek together. He also came in the dhaba. He bought a bottle of cold drink, poured it into glasses for himself and both me and Jyotsna. we were repacking or I should say frantically stuffing the things in the bag to be left back, because of getting late and delaying that Himachali gentleman also. Now with baggage issue sorted out, cold drink down the throat lets gooooo.

                I would like to mention this place especially. This is one of the very unsafe or dangerous places, between Singhaad and Barati Nala

wild river below and just 1-2 feet place to walk and no railing. It needs courage to cross.
Wild river below and just 1-2 feet place to walk and no railing to hold, one needs courage to cross it.

                       This place had steep uneven stairs and then there was no natural path or place for the path only huge rocks. A small RCC path has been made, which was just sufficient for one person to walk. It did not have any railing or anything for safety. On small slip and you are gone. A small video of this place. The video is very jerky as I had to walk very cautiously while shooting it.


                     After Barati Nala the treacherous ascent had started. Now we were not walking along the river but through a dense jungle of Pine trees. The Jungle was dense but very beautiful. The path had become like "make your own way".

There was no path, we had to walk on the path formed around tree roots
No more an easy walk

                  There was no more paved trek, but uneven trek. In the entire path, the tree roots were there. To some extent, they were helpful in providing a step-like formation to climb but were very dangerous. Because of so many people walking over them, they had been polished so smooth that they had become extremely slippery owing to their round shape. I also slipped a number of times over them. especially while descending.

                       With every step, the path was becoming tougher. We were resting frequently and moving. The travel in an ordinary night bus was also taking its toll. Soon we reached a dhaba and went inside it. We asked him if he had a place to stay to which he said yes. In the meantime, we ordered Maggie.

Maggie being prepared by Dhabawala at a Dhaba en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra.
These Dhabas are the lifeline of the Yatra

 While the Maggie was being prepared, we had a power nap. Since we were not walking we could feel the chill of the hills. Hot Maggie and tea after a small nap did wonders. We were feeling very fresh. As still some daylight was left, we decided that we will still walk for another one hour and then call it a day. Dhabas here are sparcely placed and one has to roughly walk for a minimum of 30 min to 1 hour to reach the next Dhaba.

                       We kept on walking for nearly one hour. By now it had started getting dark and the energy regained by Maggie had been used up. So we decided to call it a day. There were two dhabas there. I went to the first Dhaba and asked about the stay and other things. I did not like his attitude and the way he replied. Went to ask to the other one and he was very accommodating. The deal was finalised with him. The stay generally includes the meals as well, which are generally Daal Chawal. He was also preparing the same. We settled down, washed ourselves and sat in Kitchen tent.

                     Whenever I travel, I do carry a first-aid cum medicine kit with me. I was also carrying the same this time also. I asked Jyotsna lets have a painkiller + muscle relaxant tablet. This was the first pinch of leaving the bags back. The medicine kit had been left in the bag at Dhaba. As we were in Luck, the other 04 gentlemen staying in the same Dhaba were from medical field and carrying the same medicines. I asked them if they had spare tablets, they gave one each to me and Jyotsna. We had our dinner. On request, Dhaba owner gave us a saperate tent, for just two of us and we slept like logs.


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