Srikhand Mahadev - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 2 - Jaon to Singhaad

Nature at its vest during Srikhand Mahadev Yatra. A makeshift cafe on the banks of river.
Nature at its best en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra

Srikhand Mahadev - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 2 - Jaon to Singhaad

                             After reaching Jaon, we were ready to move. I was slightly tensed because I had not thought that the Journey from Rampur to Jaon, which is merely 40 kms will take 3-4 hours and we were already late to start our journey. As Jyotsna was with me and we were having two backpacks, Jyotsna might not carry the backpack on her own. I knew it from my earlier trekking experiences, that how difficult it is to carry any luggage at heights when there is no oxygen and the legs are crying for mercy, so I was looking for a porter to travel with us and carry our bag. A person who was travelling with us in a shared taxi up to Jaon, offered his services as he was a porter. He was asking Rs. 1000.00 per day and later came down to 900. But this price was steep for me. Jyotsna suggested that she will walk some distance and then we will take a call on this.

                    There were a few Langars offering a variety of foods. One is spoiled for choices. Someone was offering Kadhi Chawal, another was offering Jalebi, Rajma Chawal, Tea and a lot of other choices were also on offer at different Langars.  We settled down for Chana Bhatura, with Kheer as dessert. A cup of tea in the same langar felt very refreshing. The love with which they served increased the taste of the simple food. After lunch, we resumed our Journey.

Lush green valley with a flowing river alongside on the start of Srikhand Mahadev
Start of the trek. The path is on left and the river flows alongside

                After walking for some time we came across a beautiful view of a lush green valley and a beautiful stream flowing alongside. The vistas were promising a beautiful journey ahead. Incline here was also not very steep.
Paved path to Srikhand Mahadev Trek, which was easier
Initially, path was a paved one and the incline was also less

                             The path was not so badly paved. Me and Jyotsna were laughing at people who said that it was a very hard trek. But later on, we realised that when we were saying this Bholenath must be saying " बेटा सब्र कर अभी तूने सारे रंग देखे कहाँ हैं।"
A wooden bridge across the road , which looked scary as well as beautiful from a distance.
A beautiful bridge across the river
                  We kept on walking. It was partly cloudy, so the Sun was not shining that bright. This was helping us in our trek. The river was accompanying us and was in a furious mood.
Beautiful cafe on the banks of the river
                     Soon we came a came across a cafe. It was temporary setup, but the location was awesome. A threadbare cafe, a very basic coffee, just add to it such a beautiful location and the whole experience becomes divine. Jyotsna does not have tea and is a weakness for coffee. We sat down for a cup of Black Coffee. The location was so good that in spite of already delayed schedule, we ended up spending more time here than having coffee.

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                         A strong coffee in the lap of nature, with lush green all around and a beautiful river flowing alongside. Who will like to leave this place? But चलना तो पड़ेगा ही।  So we again picked up our backpacks and made a move. Soon we reached a small settlement, which was very interesting. It was spread across on both the sides of the river. On the left side were kuchha houses

Kuchha mud house near Singhaad enroute Srikhand Mahadev Yatra
Kuchha house en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra

       and across the river were multi-storied Pucca houses which looked beautiful from a distance.      
Puccca multistories houses near Singhaad across the river looked beautiful from a distance. en route Srikhnad Mahadev Yatra
Pucca houses on the other side of the river

                 Anyways the vegetation was getting thicker. Soon we came across this beautiful natural spring water channelised in a very innovative way

spring water channelised in a very innovative way near Singhaad village en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra
No RO filter can supply the water as pure and as sweet as this

              We drank this sweet water which was so pure, filled our bottles and were ready to go again. Then suddenly Jyotsna came in contact with Bichhu Booti and was stung badly. It is called Bichhu Booti because if you touch it, you get stung and the pain is more than a lot of Bichhus - scorpions stinging. During my Kailash Mansarovar yatra, I had read about it and experienced it as it is in abundance in Uttarakhand. See the balancing act of nature, its antidote, which looks like Spinach slightly redder in colour also grows there and is always found near Bichhu Booti, This also I had learned during Kailash Mansarovar.  So quickly found that antidote and rubbed on Jyotsna's arm and she was fine in a few minutes.

             We were nearing Singhaad village now, which is the last village on the route and also serves as a small base camp. We saw some women crossing the bridge and coming on our side.

Womenfolk crossing the bridge near Singhaad en route Srikhand Mahadev Yatra
Womenfolk crossing bridge near Singhaad

                   They were in their tradition Himachali attire with scarves, jacket and were very happy every one of them was smiling. At Singhaad there is a registration counter, where you have to register yourself by paying a small fee. And this is the last place, where the administration is visible - will discuss about it later also.

                   Registration done, there was a huge Langar set up by the village folks. An elderly gentleman came to us and offered us to have something, which we politely refused. We broke into conversation with him. He was a retired Army man and had his daughter married at Ludhiana. Porter issue was not yet sorted out. I wanted to confirm the rates of porter and asked this gentleman. He said minimum you can get is 700 per day. He said why do you want to carry everything up. drop everything here and just carry jackets and toiletries. We later followed his advice and repented - more about it as the story unfolds. These langars also act as night shelters and have sleeping arrangement for a lot of people. He also advised us to stay there at night and resume the journey tomorrow, which we decided against. We decided to shift our essentials to be carried along in one bag and rest of things in one to the bags to be left back in other. 

                     The Journey resumed.  Our target for the day was Thhachru. Will write about it in our next episode.


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  1. Interesting read...Would love to read why leaving extra things at langar is why to be repented....Great efforts to write such a difficult journey as I have heard...

    1. Thx Dear. Stay hooked to know more about your question. Won't spill the beans here. Do press the follow button to recieve notification about the new episode whenever it is published.