Srikhand Mahadev - A trip to heaven and Back - Day 1

Srikhand Mahadev as visible from Parvati Kund

Srikhand Mahadev - A Trip to heaven and back.

       In 2016, when I was allowed passage to Kailash Mansarovar by the almighty, during this yatra, I developed a desire to visit all the five Kailash if allowed the passage by the supreme lord.

                 Last year i.e. 2017, I planned to pay my obeisance to Srikhand Mahadev. Srikhand Mahadev is situated in Nirmand Tehsil in Himachal Pradesh. The motorable road is upto a place called Jaon. From there it is a trek to the holy abode.

                     This time the partner in crime was my daughter Jyotsna. She was at Patiala at that time. So it was finally decided that we meet at Chandigarh and then take a night bus to Rampur, which is about 40 kms from Jaon, the starting point of the trek.

               I had already booked tickets for the night bus through redbus. I started from Ludhiana in the evening and reached Chandigarh well before the bus departure. After some time Jyotsna also reached Chandigarh. We rearranged our luggage in two backpacks, as I was carrying most of her woollens and other stuff from Ludhiana. After that, we had a light dinner, which I was carrying from Ludhiana.

                 Bus started on time, but the driver was collecting a lot of parcels, and other stuff to be delivered on the way and took a lot of time just to reach Chandi Mandir. The bus was full and most of the travellers were going for Srikhand Mahadev only. 

                    The Journey through the night was an uneventful journey and we were at Rampur by 5.00a.m.  During my last passage through Rampur, I had seen some guest house facility at Rampur bus stand itself. We got down and found that there were actually two guesthouses. Went to the first one and found it to be not up to the mark. Checked the second one that also was not good, but slightly better than the first one. The bus to Jaon was at 8.00. so we just wanted a place to crash for 02 hours. 

                    Got up at 7.00 and then caught the bus for Jaon. This is a local bus stopping for anybody, who waved at it anywhere. By 10.00 we were at a place called Bagipul, which was about 11 kms from Jaon. From Bagipul, we took a shared taxi to reach Jaon. It was already noon and we were repenting that we did not bring our own conveyance.  

                        Jaon is a very small village basically serving as a launch pad for the trek. There are very few shops here. A few Langars had been organised here. So we were all set to embark upon the journey to the holy abode of Mahadev.


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