Travel to Kanatal - A Hidden paradise - The Home run

                          It was Sunday 27th May and today we will start our return journey.  The original plan for today was, to go on a trek again. Though we had done a trek yesterday, which albeit long was a very easy Trek. So plan was to get up at 4.30 a.m. and start the trek by 5.30. Finish the trek by 10.00 . After that leave for Ludhiana by 12.00. We had identified a trek also going up to the peak of the hill then to a temple on other hill and so on. Later on we thought as we have to ride again for 10-11 hours, it will be too tiring after a trek of 5 hours. 

               So the plan for trek was dropped and we decided to leave early with practically no plan for the day " Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all". Since Sarthak was quite tired, so I decided that I will let him sleep. I got up and after freshening up, come out to hotel patio and ordered tea. Meanwhile witnessed a beautiful sunrise.

                   However the view was totally spoiled due to unclear atmosphere. I sipped my tea enjoying the sunrise and the cool breeze. 

                  Everybody complains about places turning into concrete jungle. Here is a live example 

                                   This is a sparrow's nest which it has built with concrete. The young ones was inside and the sparrow was making trips to feed them. I stood there for some time to click sparrow feeding the young ones, but as it must be afraid due to me standing there, it didn't come. It was made of small pieces of gravel.

                     Today was going to be a hectic day और मैदानी गर्मी के बारे में सोच कर मेरे पसीने छूट रहे थे। पर बुद्धुओं को लौट  तो आना ही था।  We got ready, cleared hotel bill and loaded the bike. First stop was for breakfast again at Chacha. It had become Sarthak's favourite. After breakfast we started riding back. We were enjoying the ride as there was no traffic. On the was we were waved down by few village children. We stopped our bike and they were selling a local fruit called "Kaphal" a small packet for 10 Rs. Bought a packet. These tasted like फालसा।Sorry do not know the english for falsa. 

                         Soon we were crossing Dhanaulti. After crossing Dhanaulti, This interesting lineup of roadside tea shop caught our eye

Watta place to have tea and we had it.

                   This was just opposite to the Famous Dhanaulti Eco Park. The Chaiwala raised our expectations from the park - सर जी अंदर बहुत बड़ा पार्क है।  We bought the tickets and went inside.
Sarthak Posing

There was one path with beautiful Pine trees going through the park. Park was not very big. It had a few swings, but much was desired on the maintenance front.

                We spent about half an hour in the park and then were back on road. Soon we were nearing Mussoorie. Roads were charming. Soon we were at the crossroads with one way towards ponta Sahib and another to Mussoorie. Mussorie was 04 kms from that point. We parked the bike on side and thought whether to proceed towards home or visit through Mussoorie. And the Queen of the Hills won. The reason was if we continue riding , we will hit the plains by 12.00 and will have to ride through during peak hot hours, and if we delay ourselves, we will do a lot of distance after sundown.

Soon we were on the famous Mall road. Mussoorie was swarming with tourist. I was wondering how can one have a peaceful holiday. It was a a quick ride through the Mall road. 1-2 customary clicks and we moved on 

Choc a Bloc in Mussoorie

                      Then we reached a roundabout, where an interesting statue was there

                               But what caught my eye was a board in the background "Mussoorie Library Established - 1843" . Wow. Immediate impulse was to go inside, but it was closed due to Sunday. Stood there admiring , what a beautiful colonial era building it must have been in its hay days.

                  But I could feel bad for such a building which must have been a beautiful building once, and still is losing its charm due to dangling wires, pipes, shutters, boards etc. 

                     Now the next thing on agenda was Kempty Falls. After riding a few kms, we were out of mad rush and enjoying the ride to Kempty Falls. 
Kempty falls from a distance

                The beauty of a  majestic waterfall  has been spoiled with mushrooming of concrete structures all around. We reached the site of Falls and Parked the bike. Then we started down to the pool formed at the base of the falls. Huge rush. This was the situation when we were close to the Falls
Bumper to Bumper traffic

Situation in the pool was no better

Another shot of a beautiful fall and great rush

How beautiful the fall looks without the great rush.

             I am not comfortable at places with such a greta rush, but you can't help it everybody has the right to enjoy the place. We started back and then saw an old beaten down path, where nobody was going, and we reached a landing above the pool with no rush

                        This place was all ours.

                     Our swimming trunks were in the bags on the bike, but Sarthak could not resist jumping into it.

                                   After cooling down, we started to our bike. On the way we saw King size Boiled corn cobs being sold. Sarthak has a weakness towards it so could not resist


          पेट पूजा के बाद वापिस घर की तरफ चल पड़े।  

          Now it was just miles munching. It was getting hot. I was worried about Sarthak and told him to keep himself well hydrated.

            After some time Road starts moving along river Yamuna. Beautiful scenery, but again clarity was spoiled due to lot of Forest fires.

                  Next stop was Paonta Sahib. We went to the Gurudwara माथा टेका and had Langar. When we came out after having Langar, I found that I had dropped my bike key somewhere. We searched for it everywhere, but of no use. As a precaution I always carry duplicate keys with me, which came to our rescue. So used it and off we go. 

                             After Paonta sahib, we did not stop anywhere and reached home at 8.45 p.m.

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