Travel to Kanatal - A Hidden Paradise - Day 2 - Ganga Aarti @ Tehri

             After water sports and a little bit of पेटपूजा ,  we reached the small arena created for Gangaa Aarti and laser Show. A small idol of गंगा जी was placed in the centre

Preprations for the aarti were continuing on the side stage

     A small visitor area was also setup

After some time the local dignitaries including Local MLA, DM and others arrived and the program started with worship of Gangaa idol.

मंत्रोच्चारण अनव्रत चल रहा था

Soon the VIP guests also joined

  After Puja Guests took their seats and the Pandits theirs

Raring to go

And the audience too

Soon the Aarti started with small ज्योति

and then incense sticks - धूपं दीपं समर्पयामि

Then The aarti was done with cow dung cakes (उपले )

All the performers were performing aarti in synchronised movements and forming very attractive stances

Then it was turn of Aarti with big lamps with cotton and camper in it. Do not know the exact name for these. Anybody knows please let me know

Another stance

synchronised movements

And finally it was time for Aarti with multiple lamps

              The Group photo

Finally the aarti ended with a prayer for welfare of mankind.

Then it was time for Laser show. In a laser show you need a screen to project the images.

This in how the screen was created right in the lake

A fantail kind of water curtain was formed to project. First they played a quick story of ramayana and the about various tourist places in Uttarakhand.  Since the water curtain was not a solid surface so shots/videos of laser projections did not come out to be good. So please be contended with test shots only

And another poor shot of the show

It was 8.30 and time to rush back. Wanted to have dinner at Chamba en route hotel, but Sarthak was tired and said lets go directly to Hotel. So had a small stop in Chamba to buy local rhododendron Juice and Malta Squash and reached hotel.

 After changing and relaxing for some time, went to a restaurant nearby to have dinner. And that was end of day 2

Enjoy the videos of the evening


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