Travel to Kanatal a Hidden Paradise - Day 2 - Kaudia Range

Travel to Kanatal a Hidden Paradise - Day 2 - Kaudia Range

Kaudia Range
Kaudia Range

Next day we got up a little late, came out on the hotel Patio offering a splendid view of the valley. Ordered tea and sipped it while enjoying the scenery.  After tea, we got ready और चल पड़े सब पहले परांठों  पर कहर ढाने। Breakfast was Aaloo Paranta and star of the morning was Garhwali "Lagdi Parantha",  which was something like a चीला but more chewy and tasty. Anyways finished breakfast and started towards Kaudia Range our pre lunch destination for today. 

                                                  Kaudia Range is a Jungle which has a trek of 8 kms and we were going to do those 8 kms today. It is situated on the same road which we had taken to Surkanda Devi yesterday and is bang opposite to Club Mahindra - Kanatal. 

                                 Reached there, parked the bike, bought the ticket, which was  Rs. 20 for adult and Rs. 10 for children and Rs. 200 if you want to take your own vehicle inside. The attendant asked if we wanted to take our bike inside, to which we said no and off we go.......

                           Initially, the path was wide enough and I was finding it quite boring.

Start of the kaudia range trail
Start of the Kaudia range trail

Beautiful and tall conifer trees were looking magical

Sun rays percolating through the canopy of trees was magical.

 There were some burrash ( Rhododendron ) trees also, which had started flowering. We plucked flowers from them and ate them.

The Rhododendron
The Rhododendron

The trail came to the edge of the hill to give a beautiful view of the valley on the other side of the road.

and the step farms also

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       After some time the the trail bifurcated and we were on a smaller trail, 

            We were enjoying it now. It was very quiet now. Only sound was that of the sound of the dry leaves getting crushed under our feet and the birds.

Dried leaves were strewn all over.

 and the jungle was getting more and more interesting

I was wondering those who opt for using their own vehicle, how would they drive , when you have fallen trees like this

                   We had fun with these also

 And we experienced natural arches

The experiences were awesome.

And we were having real fun.

                And then we reached a point, when the trail we were walking on landed on a wider trail. Me and Sarthak were of different views on which direction to go. My sense of direction said left as we were doing an anti clockwise trek. Sarthak was favouring to go on right. We went a bit on right and then left . On left the fire had destroyed the jungle partially. There was a broken cement bench on a small ridge and then the trail went back into the denser jungle. Sarthak didn't want to go back into dense Jungle so we started back towards the trail on the right. After some time we me the first person since we had entered the Jungle. 

                  He was a worker of the Forest department. We asked him the path. He told us if we go on the path we were going, we will reach the main road a few kms away from where we had parked our bike and the correct path was what I had been telling Sarthak. Now the choice was to head back to the trail through dense Jungle or continue on the existing path, where the Jungle was not that dense. We took the latter course. He had told us that we will reach the main road in about half an hour. But maybe we too some other wrong turns and we came on the main road some 7 kms away from the entrance. 

                   First glimpse of the road after a lot of walk.

A small video of the Jungle walk

    The trek which was supposed to be 8 kms, but we  ended up walking 17 kms. On the main road, we tried waving down a few cars, but none stopped. Two shared taxis came and were ending up at that point only. After some time a car with Ludhiana Registration no came and stopped. They were also going to Club Mahindra and gave us the lift. 

     He was Dr. Bajwa from Ludhiana and it came out to that he was also my client at my store. Its a small world. We thanked him and rushed for Lunch.

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