Travel to Kanatal a hidden paradise - Day 1 - Haridwar to Kanatal

After having a sumptuous breakfast of Pooris , Kachoris and Halwa, we moved towards the Destination of the day - Kanatal. It was getting hot. While leaving Haridwar, we were greeted by long queues and traffic jams. Slowly we came out of these jams and were moving on wide open roads. GPS required some settings to be done so was still not working.

                                    We were passing through Rajaji National park. It had boards displayed on both the sides to beware of Leopard and Elephants. I was wondering if these poor guys ever dare to come on road with so much of traffic.  After travelling for some time, we were greeted by a lots of camps offering stays and adventure activities. We thanked our decision for changing the decision of not Staying at Rishikesh as it was too hot.

                              जो पूरी कचौरी और हलवा नाश्ते में लपेटे थे वो अपना असर दिखा रहे थे and Sarthak was feeling sleepy. So we took a small pitstop at a tea shop. Had tea to ward off the sleepiness. After tea and a rest for a few minutes, we we back on road.

                                 After some time when We were wondering if we were really headed towards the hills, we started ascent near a few Kms before Muni Ki Reti. Slowly we started experiencing whiffs of cool air apart from the लू के थपेड़े।  Road widening work was going on and it was all dusty.

                    Then came Narendranagar , where Famous "Ananda in Himalayas " is located. Bagheera was eating kms and we were nearing the destination. Roads had improved. Soon we crossed chamba. After a few kms from Chamba, we found our First pitstop Chacha Sip and Dine Restaurant

             Here we met Birpal Singh Rawat aka Chacha. The cool breeze here took away the tiredness. As he was expecting us, he gave us the directions to a budget hotel. However we did not like the rooms, too basic. Then we went to a hotel recommended by someone else. Rate quoted was 2500 per night. Used all my charm to settle for 900 per night. Rooms were very clean but small and did not have any view. दिल को समझाया we are going to stay out for most of time.

                            Checked in and relaxed for a few minutes. It was already lunch time. Today's plan was to visit Surkanda Devi Temple after Lunch. We were back to Chacha restaurant for a quick bite and decided to have maggie. We were spoiled for choices as he was offering 10 types of maggies

            So we ordered Maggie with Butter, Maggie Lime coriander and Mojito mint to go with. This turned out to be one of the best tasing maggies. Lime Coriander was hot for my palate but very tasty.

Butter Maggie

Lime coriander Maggie

Mojito - Very fresh

                       Whenever I travel I prefer to have the local delicacies. Lunch we wanted to be real fast, so we had opted for Maggie. We asked Chacha to serve us Garhwali food in the dinner. With this we left for Surkanda Devi Temple


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