Travel to Kanatal - A Hidden paradise - Day 1 - Surkanda Devi

Surkanda Devi Temple

                    So after quick lunch of Maggie, we moved towards Surkanda Devi Temple. You can ride upto Kaddukhal and then you have to trek. The road was excellent, and so were the vistas, but there were numerous forest fires. Due to smoke from these forest fires, the visibility was poor and were not able to click any good pics.

Beautiful vistas en route, however the visibility was poor due to which, the hills faraway are a mere outline. It took us about 30 minutes to reach Kaddukhal Parked the bike. Requested to shopkeeper there to keep our helmets, which he happily obliged and here we go....

                  Surkanda Devi is one of the Siddh Peeths. As per Legend, " Devi Sati Jumped into the हवन कुंड owing to disrespectful behaviour to her husband Lord Shiva, by her father king Dashrath. When Shivji came to know about it, he carried her half burnt body on his shoulder and performed तांडव नृत्य in the fit of rage. Satis body parts fell all over himalayas, where सिद्ध पीठ formed where her eyes fell, it came to be known as Naina Devi, Kamakhya in Assam is where her private parts fell, and it was here at Surkanda, where her head fell."

Plaque at the starting of trek

So we started the uphill trek . शुरू के कुछ मिनटों में ही हवा निकल गई।  I was out of breath and heart beat was beating like mad. Not caring about your body was taking its toll. बेटा सारे परांठे अब निकलेंगे। Stopped for some time to catch my breath and realised that this was as I was going too fast. So reduced the speed and then it was smooth walk to top. Views enroute were awesome.

                   The temple on top is our destination for the day.

The path was properly paved, 
but we took a few shortcuts too.

Another view on the way.

    Finally we reached on the top 

Had the Darshan. The vistas around were awesome. But the smoke had killed the photo ops

Another one

                    In the morning we were upset due to heat wave of the plains and now at 9995 feet, the winds were making it too cold to stay. 

                There was a Bhairav Mandir in the complex too
Bhairav Mandir

              Initially we had planned to stay there for quite some time to enjoy the surroundings, but the cold winds and chill were making us uncomfortable so we started a leisurely descent.

               As our room was tiny and did not have views from the room, and we had descended earlier, so we decided to check on other hotels on that stretch. 

                Result was that there were a lot of properties which were not listed on net and were ready to offer excellent bargains due to less occupancy. I almost finalised a home stay called Pahadi Ghar - with excellent room and views, finally came down to 1500.00 including all meals. Told him that we will be checking in tomorrow and left. But Sarthak was not ready to shift base, so dropped the idea and call the gentleman that we will not be able to check - in.

            Now it was time for dinner. Dinner was a Local Garhwali Fare consisting of 

  1. Rai ka Saag - Basically a different variety of Sarson ka Saag cooked in a different style
  2. Mandwa ki Roti - Chapati made of Ragi
  3. Bhanjeer Ki chutney - Super hotttttt
  4. Palak ka Raita

 Mandwa Roti

Rai ka saag 

Palak ka Raita

      The dinner was mouth watering. So after dinner we came back and slept to start another day

continued ............

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