Travel to Kanatal a hidden paradise - Day 1 - Ludhiana to Haridwar

So the D Day arrived. The plan was for 03 days 25 - 27 May 2018. Whenever We go on a road trip, We Leave our home at Godforsaken hour at 3.00 a.m. Leaving so early offers 03 advantages.

1.    There is almost nil traffic at these hours. so you can cruise at very good speeds.
2.    You reach our destination before Lunch and can utilise Day 1 also for enjoying the destination.
3.     In summers, if we are heading for Hills, we are in or very close to hills, before the Sun is up.

             On previous night had come back from office early and had planned to hit the sack before 9.00 p.m. Did a small recheck on things to be carried and loaded the Baghira - my bike with saddle bags. Tank bag will be loaded in the morning. Set the Alarm at 1.45 a.m.

                     Couldn't sleep well sue to acidity problem. Had just gone to sleep when the alarm rang and I decided to take a nap for 5 more minutes. Got up and started to freshen up. Was going to Sarthak's room to wake him up when I saw coming him out of his room. He had set the alarm for 2.00 a.m. Got ready, had a cup of tea with biscuits. Wifey had prepared wraps for pre breakfast break.

                      लो जी हम निकल पड़े पूरे तीन बजे. Did a silent prayer to God for a safe journey and hit the road. Roads were empty and we were cruising at a speed of 90-100 kmph. I was worried about Sarthak falling asleep, so was checking at regular intervals. He was alert.

                                   In one and half hours, we had reached Ambala. Now I need GPS to move forward, but as usual, technology fails you when you need it the most. Since we were now in Haryana,   google maps was not working. I knew the route was through Jagadhri - Mulana - Saharanpur. So relied on Desi GPS, by waving down an auto rickshaw and asking him for directions.

                       Now the road was not that good, but okay. After some time on this road, we were welcomed by a very wide new road mainly RCC. Again the cruising speed increased. We bypassed Jagadhri and now were moving towards Saharanpur on these wide roads. And then we saw the sun rising beautifully. Time for a small break.

This beautiful sunrise said Good Morning to us.

Bagheera also basking in the rising sun.

                             There are two routes for Kanatal from Ludhiana. One is via Ambala Paonta Sahib and the other and the longer one is via Jagadhari - Saharanpur - Rishikesh. I had chosen the longer route for going as I wanted Sarthak to have a glimpse of Indian cultural values and take a dip in holy Ganga.

           After some time our dream run on smooth wide roads ended and there were numerous gravel laden trucks and pot holes and jams, as we entered UP.  Struggling with early morning rush and a few stops to ask for directions, soon we entered Uttarakhand.

            Roads improved immediately as we entered Uttarakhand. At 8.30 we were at Har Ki Pauri. Here we parked our bike and took a dip in Holy Ganga. हर हर गंगे।
 Har Ki Pauri was swarming with pilgrims.

Sarthak's गंगा स्नान

              लो जी अब गंगा स्नान हो गया अब पेट पूजा की जाए.  So we moved toward मथुरा वालों की प्राचीन दुकान for a sumptuous breakfast. And this is what we saw a person selling enroute

We purchased a few of them and attacked the pooris and Kachoris

  This is the shop.

To Hell with calories

   Ordered Pooris and Kachori. They serve it in the traditional style of donas and Patta. The patta on the top has Sookhe Aaloo, Khatta Meetha Kaddu and Dona underneath has another type of aloo.

                       This was the yummiest Poories I ever had, though spicy for my palate. So here comes the Halwa to soothe the effect of these spices.


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