Travel to Kanatal - A Hidden Paradise - Prologue

It has been one year, when I had changed my bike - Courtesy Gaurav Chopra an avid bike lover, who got me a great deal on KTM Duke 390. As per Gaurav our friendship is खर्चीली one as we keep on suggesting each other something alluring to buy time and again. Since the Bike upgrade, my son Sarthak, 11y/o was after my life to go on a bike trip with him.

                               As our daily grind takes its toll on our time spends with our families also, so I wanted to have a tour with him. We as a family go frequently on trips but had never gone alone with Sarthak. So following were the key parameters, which I was keeping in mind for this trip.

1.  Driving distance should be 300 - 400 km
2.  The place should be serene and free from normal tourist rush.
3.  Should have some element of adventure for kids.

                        Initially, I contemplated a trip to Haridwar - Rishikesh - Shivpuri, thinking that we will enjoy camping in Jungle or on river banks and enjoy adventure activities like rafting or zip line etc.

                  This got dropped due to two reasons a) They have fixed minimum age limit for rafting as 14 years b) On checking  showed the temperatures hovering at 40 Plus degrees. I didn't want to get roasted.

Chopta also came in as a destination but got disqualified due to longer distances and rush we were to meet en route due to Char Dham Yatra.

I am good at planning itineraries for people interested in travelling and get a lot of appreciation for this. However, I was not able to find out a destination for my self. हद है यार। So reached out to a few of Ghumakkad friends. Narender Kumar Gautam aka Masterji suggested this place on WhatsApp. Fell in love with this place the moment I googled it. So destination FINALISED.

                       लो जी अब शुरू हो गयी तैयारी। Purchased Helmet for Sarthak from Amazon XS size, a pair of gloves for myself and 02 pairs of arm sleeves for both of us. Kanatal is a small Hamlet in Uttarakhand and id 360 km from Ludhiana. I am a budget traveller and a sucker for deals. However, Kanatal didn't have budget hotels and most of the accommodations were resorts and were way above my budget.

                  Finally, it was decided that I will reach there and search for a room. In the meantime, I came across one Birpal Singh aka Chacha ji of Chacha sip and dine restaurant and asked him about stay options. He assured me that he can get me an economical stay. With his assurance under my belt, I was calmly waiting for D day.

continued ......

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